State Continuation

Colorado has its own version of COBRA-like continuation of coverage rules.  Unlike COBRA, there is not a minimum size requirement- it applies to ALL Colorado based employers.

KMB has the resources to assist you in complying with this!

Here’s a quick overview of Colorado’s Continuation law:
Covered Employers and Plan Coverage- Every employer-sponsored group health plan that provides hospital, medical or surgical or other health benefits must provide continuation coverage.

Qualified Beneficiaries (Employees/Dependents- Employee is eligible to make continuation election for employee and dependents if:
– Employee’s eligibility has ended but the group policy is still in effect;Employee’s premium has been paid to termination date; and
– Employee has been continuously covered under the policy for at least six months immediately prior to termination.

Continuation Period- 18 months or until the employee or dependent becomes eligible for other group coverage, whichever is earlier.

If new group coverage excludes a condition covered under the continued plan, coverage under the prior employer’s plan may be continued for the excluded condition only for the 18 months or until the new plan covers the condition, whichever is earlier